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Rebroadcast Schedule

Each game will normally air within 2 to 3 days following the game. Check the DTC TV On-Screen Guide for exact airdates.

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We hope to see you at the games so you can cheer on your favorite team!


Our High School Basketball programming is back on DTC3! Check your DTC TV On-Screen Guide for the airdates of each game. This year’s planned games to be televised are as follows:


Nov. 21 Gordonsville at Smith Co.
Nov. 28 DeKalb Co. at Gordonsville
Dec. 1 DeKalb Co. at Watertown
Dec. 5 Cannon Co. at Smith Co.
Dec. 18 Watertown at Gordonsville
Jan. 12 Cannon Co. at Watertown
Jan. 16 Watertown at Smith Co.
Jan. 19 Watertown at DeKalb Co.
Jan. 26 Cannon Co. at DeKalb Co.
Feb. 6 DeKalb Co. at Smith Co.
Feb. 9 Smith Co. at Gordonsville

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